Imagine a Successful Life that Contains a Successful Business

Welcome. Make yourself at home!

We believe that entrepreneurs can have a successful life that contains a successful business. Our businesses need boundaries! No more overflowing into every nook and cranny of our lives!

Designing this dynamic and enjoyable success requires new perspectives, personal and business skills, and the belief that it is even possible. 

For our part, we have started the conversation. Beyond that, there are now courses and programs to support your journey from overwhelming chaos to empowered results.

How our membership fits the bill:

To amp up your brilliance, we are not only offering skill set training, but a whole training ground to practice: 

  • Collaboration that flows and feels great
  • Celebrating yourself without needing to qualify
  • Have opinions and the freedom to hold them lightly and let them evolve
  • Welcoming space where your brilliance is not recognized, it is expected
  • Participation in our strategy and planning program that creates flow for you and your business

Whether you consider yourself to be an experienced or aspiring leader, we have a path that will elevate your ability to deliver impact and growth for yourself, your business, and your favourite clients.

Magical Membership Elements

  • Virtual Workspace

    Most people do zoom all wrong. We have it figured out! Currently, we are open Wednesdays with an agenda that you can either follow or not - up to you. We do encourage you to learn, connect, and get shit done.

  • Community Hub

    Your place to play together. Private message, share, and stay connected throughout the week. This is where you can find out more about each others 'Piece of Cake' and set up the most awesome collaborations ever.

  • Member Resources

    Your tool kit of trainings, resources, and whatever we create that we think you could use. It is all stored here along with your membership training course. We want you to have a single place to mine for gold as you need it.

Wednesdays are the Jewel of the Big Blue Door Community

What do you do on hump day?


Ramping up value while we stay true to what you need and love to offer. That's the ticket! 

In fact, we have made Wednesday the most special day ever for stay at home entrepreneurs! Hump Day Rocks!

Did you Monday and Tuesday seem like a waste and now you are feeling down? It's all good! Our programming in the Big Blue Door will life you up with connection, micro learning and two big productivity timeslots. You will be back on your game!

Alternatively, your Monday and Tuesday may felt like your coffee was laced with rocket fuel. Awesome! Join us on Wednesday to change things up, stay focused, and position yourself for an extra long weekend to bask in the sun.

We are actively scheduling speaking engagements, including podcasts and live events. You can reach us at

Let's get on the phone!

Karen and Karen are available to map a high-value journey for you.

Thank You

Karen Kessler & Karen Collacutt

Your hosts for this journey,

We help Leaders deliver impact, enable Change-Makers to go faster, and hold space for self-development and clarity. Our community is driven by those open to new perspectives and personal growth. We are enthusiastic cheerleaders for the ripple effect and strive to help our clients rebuild confidence through competence.

It’s like being at the very best kitchen party!