Let's Take the 'ick' Out of Sales

When Your Heart & Head Need to Agree

The number one ingredient in any successful sales conversation is you. You, connected into your reason for service and commitment to providing only the very best. The thing is, we get all up in our head. Having a process that will find the win/win in every sales conversation while leaving you both feeling amazing is the very thing that can change the course of your business.

Add in an opportunity for a Small Group Experience, and your success will soar. The truth is - knowing that everyone is learning and feeling awkward is a gift you will give each other. Along the way, you will celebrate your achievements and build the confidence you need to hold space for the people you are here to serve. 

eLearning plus four weekly sessions. We promise to provide expert facilitation that will keep things moving, engaging, fun, and memorable. We are as passionate about you serving more people as you are!

Brought to you in collaboration with Business Advisory Centre Durham

Community in action

What We Include In this Small Group Experience

  • The C.O.R.A. Authentic Sales Conversations Level I e-Learning

    The course that explains it all will be the basis for this program. You will have access as soon as you register. We encourage you to start exploring and familiarizing yourself with this process. You will always have access and find yourself revisiting it often.

  • Small Group Experience

    Even in larger classes, smaller groups are formed to build consistency and connection during the four weeks and beyond. We want you to observe, practice, and experience each step of the process. Building deep community connections during the program will create amazing peer relationships.

  • Big Blue Door Community & Virtual Workspace

    You are invited to enjoy a Big Blue Door Virtual Workspace Membership until March 31, 2022. And - the Big Blue Door Community Space is for all students, graduates and more! Click the link at the top to create your profile now.

This Course is For You If...

  • A conversation is often required to sell your package or service

  • You have always known there HAS to be a way to sell that you feel good about

  • You are ready to take the lead in a process that gets results

  • You are tired of talking people into working with you and you are ready to start qualifying people

  • You know that a small group experience means you get to practice and build your skill and confidence

Course curriculum

    1. A welcome message from Karen

    2. How to Get the Most Out of This Course

    3. How to use this platform

    4. Before we begin...

    1. Intro to Humans

    2. Our Inner Sales Cycle

    3. Crafting Your Confidence

    4. Test your learning

    1. C.O.R.A. Overview

    2. Engage with Intention

    3. Uncovering the Core Desires

    4. Finding the Real Obstacles

    5. Make Excellent Recommendations

    6. Follow Their Lead

    7. Test Your Learning

    1. The Keys to Connection

    2. Week One Recording

    1. C.O.R.A. Handout & Overview

    2. Week Two Recording

    1. Keys to Success

    2. Week Three Recording

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

What is C.O.R.A. you ask?

CORA is an authentic sales conversation process that starts with connection, and permission to journey with your person to find what they really need. The steps in the process are: Core Desire, Obstacles, Recommendations, and Action. Each step is designed to discover if this person qualifies to be your client or would be better served by a recommendation to another person you trust.
CORA Authentic Sales Conversation Process

Next-Level Instructor

Instructor Bio:

KK (Karen Kessler) is an accomplished and celebrated trainer. She applies her humour and expertise to prepare Leaders ready to increase their impact and reach in this world; those Leaders committed to connect deeply and inspire life-long change in their tribe. Karen’s research and exploration into leadership, motivation, inspiration and the human brain/body/soul connection have created an understanding of what she calls the Next-Level Leader - A leader that has expanded on their natural leadership talent and brings a focus on mastering the skill sets while they foster leadership in others. Karen is known for her leadership, integrity, and focus on results. Her reputation grew as she progressed rapidly through leadership positions in corporate, government and her growing Next-Level Leader Community.

Karen (KK) Kessler

Next-Level Trainer