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It is one thing to guide people one on one. When it's time to start sharing with the world, a whole new skillset comes into play. As an entrepreneur, what you create needs to be of high value and hit the mark...the first time. 

So whether you imagine an e-learning, a masterclass, or you are ready to build the foundations to go on and create larger programs, Curriculum Development Level I is the place to start. 

  • Self-paced study through the week
  • Weekly milestones to keep you on track
  • Wednesday Feedback and Q&A zoom call (12-2 pm)
  • Personal feedback on your assignment each week. 
  • Complete your own project in 4 weeks. 
  • Small student to program advisor ratios
  • Class Discussion Forum for support through the week.

Who would benefit most?

When two or more of these statements seem familiar to you, then it's time to carefully consider this program. Matching your needs is essential to a high-value program.

  • Delivering value when you teach or train is the most important measure for you

  • You have caught the teaching or training bug and crave the foundations for excellence

  • You don't have the time or patience for trial and error. You want a proven process

  • You are done with overwhelm and are ready to lean into a course that will keep you on track

  • You are new to teaching or training and leaning into a course and being mentored sounds great

Four Weekly Modules plus...

Here's what matters most:

  • Core Skill

    Stage & Story Program foundation program. Even as a stand-alone course, this foundational skill will benefit anyone who trains or teaches whether online or in person.

  • Interactive Learning

    Modules open a few days before the live online training where the course material will be reviewed and feedback provided on the assignment drafts. Assignments will be due 2 days later.

  • Time Well Spent

    Every hour you invest in this program will benefit you. No case studies, you will use your own projects and leverage your results immediately. Becomes a resource once complete.

Pricing options

We are happy to work with you on payment options

Next-Level Trainer

All About Karen

KK (Karen Kessler) is an accomplished and celebrated trainer. She applies her humour and expertise to prepare Leaders ready to increase their impact and reach in this world; those Leaders committed to connect deeply and inspire life-long change in their tribe. Karen’s research and exploration into leadership, motivation, inspiration and the human brain/body/soul connection have created an understanding of what she calls the Next-Level Leader - A leader that has expanded on their natural leadership talent and brings a focus on mastering the skill sets while they foster leadership in others. Karen is known for her leadership, integrity, and focus on results. Her reputation grew as she progressed rapidly through leadership positions in corporate, government and her growing Next-Level Leader Community.

Karen (KK) Kessler

Next-Level Trainer

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