Moon Cycle Planning for Function and Flow

Periods, Cycles, and Giraffes...Oh My!

The Big Blue Door Virtual Workspace is an online co-working space designed exclusively for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and business owners who are done with working alone!

Many of us practice a business strategy and management process that weaves in our desire for space and flow in our worlds. This is not about meditating our way into profits, rather, it is about acknowledging that our feminine wisdom is a key component of our success and tapping into it is vital. 

We held our first Moon Cycle Planning Retreat in late 2022 and we have had members and friends of members declare that they want to play too!

We answered the call, and now the second cohort has been scheduled. 

Invitation Only: Not open to the public. You will need a member to invite you. 

Our members have been instrumental in creating an amazing environment that is productive and collaborative. Out of respect for them, only they can invite new people to the party. 

Moon Cycle Planning Business Planning Gatherings

Online and In Person

  • Moon Cycle Planning Cohort Training

    Two Online Sessions and one half-day Workshop, available in person or online. The Karen's will guide you to weave your inner wisdom with your entrepreneurial experience as you learn this intuitive business planning process. . Monday March 28, 1-4 ET. Online or in Innisfil ON

  • One Day Cycle Planning

    All Moon Cycle Business Planning members will gather in person and online to connect intuitively into the upcoming Cycle. Create function and flow in your business through the Cycle Planning exercises, and connect with others doing this work. Tuesday March 28, 9-5 ET. Online or In Person in Innisfil ON

  • Members Pot Luck Social

    Hang out in person or online with the Karens and other members for an Pot Luck Social. If coming in person, bring something to add to the table, enough to share with 6-7. If online, pour a beverage and grab something yummy to enjoy while we connect and play together. Monday March 27th, 5-9pm ET. Online or In Person in Innisfil ON.

Meet Your Retreat Leaders

Short Bio:

KC (Karen Collacutt), personal wealth expert, for over 15 years helps you understand and transform your psychology of money - how you think and act around it. On stages, in workshops, and in intimate group settings, Karen’s warm style and clear language makes a challenging topic feel easy and fun. Karen has been featured on CBC Radio, Blog Talk Radio, Rogers TV, telesummits and many print media publications including National Post, Toronto Star, MoneySense Magazine, and Today's Parent. With straightforward strategies, world-class mind-body tools, and tell-it-like-it-is approach, Karen teaches how to match your money to your goals, create peace of mind, and build a confident money life. Coach, speaker and change catalyst, Karen delivers a fresh perspective on money.

KC Collacutt

Next-Level Trainer

Meet Your Retreat Leaders

Short Bio:

KK (Karen Kessler) is an accomplished and celebrated trainer. She applies her humour and expertise to prepare Leaders ready to increase their impact and reach in this world; those Leaders committed to connect deeply and inspire life-long change in their tribe. Karen’s research and exploration into leadership, motivation, inspiration and the human brain/body/soul connection have created an understanding of what she calls the Next-Level Leader - A leader that has expanded on their natural leadership talent and brings a focus on mastering the skill sets while they foster leadership in others. Karen is known for her leadership, integrity, and focus on results. Her reputation grew as she progressed rapidly through leadership positions in corporate, government and her growing Next-Level Leader Community.

Karen (KK) Kessler

Next-Level Trainer


What you need to get settled in

    1. Welcome to the Big Blue Door Moon Cycle Planning Cohort

    2. How to use this platform

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Moon Cycle Planning Overview 2022 09 28

    2. Moon Cycle Planning Resources

    3. Moon Cycle Planning Cohort FAQs

    1. Your Moon Cycle Planning Workbook - DOWNLOAD

    2. Triple Scoop Feedback Stack

    3. Session 1 Recording

    1. Truth Diving Technique

    2. Session 2 Recording

    1. Session 3 Details for live in-person

    1. Cycle Planning Workbook

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