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This is second program in our Leverage Your Brilliance Online bundle is designed to move you from design mode to creation mode. We move through each step required to manifest the desired result - a high-value and engaging mini-course. It's time to leverage your time while you increase your impact and expand your reach. Questions? Scroll down for our FAQ.

Program Benefits

What You Need to Know

  • Professional Results

    Even if you are new to eLearning, we have the success tips you can apply along the way to create your won high-value and engaging eLearning that you will proud to share with the world.

  • Spotlight

    As our graduate, you will be at the head of the list for your mini-course to be considered as premium content on our upcoming Course Creators platform. We will waive the course application fee.

  • Step by Step

    Easy to follow instructions and assistance with a smile. We want you to get back to being of service to others A.S.A.P. Let us guide you through asset creation to finished product.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • A message from Karen, Karen & JaiK

    • How to use this platform

    • Before we begin...

    • Resource Choices

  2. 02
    • What to Expect in Module 1

    • How to...Break Out the Main Points

    • How to...Find Opportunities to Weave Content

    • How to...Map the Lessons

    • Module 1 Template and Demo

    • Module 1 Opportunity for Feedback

  3. 03
    • Module 2 Overview

    • Guide to...Create Slides

    • Guide to...Create Videos

    • Message: Watch Right After You Have Recorded Your Draft Videos

    • Guide to...Create Downloads

    • Module 2 Opportunity for Feedback

  4. 04
    • Module 3 Overview

    • Review and Confirm

    • How to...Design Your Quiz

    • How to...Invite Your Students to Play With You

    • Final Videos Creation and Edit

    • Behind the Scenes Bonus Videos (with a bonus!)

    • Module 3 Opportunity for Feedback

  5. 05
    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Next-Level Instructor

Instructor Bio:

KK (Karen Kessler) is an accomplished and celebrated trainer. She applies her humour and expertise to prepare Leaders ready to increase their impact and reach in this world; those Leaders committed to connect deeply and inspire life-long change in their tribe. Karen’s research and exploration into leadership, motivation, inspiration and the human brain/body/soul connection have created an understanding of what she calls the Next-Level Leader - A leader that has expanded on their natural leadership talent and brings a focus on mastering the skill sets while they foster leadership in others. Karen is known for her leadership, integrity, and focus on results. Her reputation grew as she progressed rapidly through leadership positions in corporate, government and her growing Next-Level Leader Community.

Karen (KK) Kessler

Next-Level Trainer

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  • How does this program work?

    There is a flow that repeats. Module 1 content becomes available to watch on Day 1. Once you have watched the lessons, then it is your turn to apply it by completing the assignments. Once you have completed the quiz and survey, then the next module opens. and the process begins again.

  • I am pretty new to tech - will I be able to complete the program?

    Great question. We do our best to find the simplest and low cost options to recommend during the program. If you are willing to dive in and learn, then you will be fine. If you find tech just way too overwhelming, then we suggest connecting with us now for a chat about how to best bridge that gap for you.

  • I already have curriculum developed, do I need to take Your Brilliance: Curriculum Development Level I?

    Curriculum design and development is a skill set that starts with learning to create segments (like the one we use for a mini-course) that builds to create full-size courses (like this one) and then builds again to signature programs. If you are confident in your skills and would like to apply for advance standing to skip ahead, reach out to us at to start the application process.

  • Do I have to create a mini-course?

    Nope. This is a skill development program. It has the capacity to stretch to other purposes. We have had students create patient onboarding packages, course intros, and lead generators. If you want to be sure there is a fit, then reach out. We are committed to ensuring there is a fit.

  • Do I have to host my content on your platform?

    Thanks for asking! We are developing a Course Creators platform. Hosting our Leverage Your Brilliance bundle student's content that aligns with our message is a win-win. We know it will be high-value and engaging. This means leads for you! You are under no obligation to engage with us on our cool project.

  • What if I have more than one mini-course I want to create?

    Sounds like us! Pick one for the program so that you can build the skill. You will continue to have access to the program. When you are ready, just start at the beginning and let the program guide you again and again.

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